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Creative Retreats: Unlock Inspiration & Express Yourself (And Why You Need One!)

Maybe you have fallen into a boring or repetitive routine? Is your inspiration fleeting and distraction keeping you from being creative? It might be time to change your surroundings and go on a creative retreat. It is time for a life-changing experience.

The misconception is you need to be a creative person to go on a creative retreat. Nope, this is not true. All you need is an adventurous spirit. What you will get out of a creative retreat is not just time to learn a new skill but a nourishing experience for your soul. This time away allows for breathing space, creative exploration, daydreaming, experimentation, and the opportunity to tune into and listen to yourself, away from the noise of everyday life and people's opinions. It is time you can be alone or Immerse yourself in a creative community that will create lasting friendships.

Reasons you need to book creative retreat right now!

  • Lack of focus or too many distractions

  • Your routine has become too repetitive

  • You doubt your creative confidence

  • Lack of motivation or inspiration

  • Creative blocks

  • Needing to learn something

  • Need a community for support or feedback

Creative Travel

Travel can increase your levels of creativity and cause an uptick in your mind's ability to produce positive thoughts, leading you to a happier, more inspired version of yourself. And traveling abroad can give you skills and experiences that will have lifelong personal befits.

  • Foreign experiences increase cognitive flexibility, depth, and integrativeness of thought.

  • Travel triggers the five senses with new sounds, smells, languages, tastes, sensations, and sights. These senses spark different synapses in the brain, which build new connections.

  • Nature enhances creativity by recharging the directed attention needed for developing new ideas.

  • Creative travel provides you with experiential learning and cultural tourism opportunities, which promotes divergent thinking and new perspectives on the creative process.

In addition to the aspects mentioned above, there are several other ways you will benefit from a creative retreat, and these benefits will continue to grow.

Changing surroundings can boost creativity and productivity.

The act of getting away can free up distractions and excuses.

Besides time to focus on your craft, creative retreats can be transformative and improve well-being.

You can train and build habits to take home.

You can learn new things.

Attending a group retreat can help create a community of support, accountability, feedback for growth, and lasting friendships.

Inspired By Mexico: Cold Wax Retreat

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico October 1-7 , 2022

A week of painting, exploration and discovery in the charming, colorful town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  • Learn to make oil paint from pigments.

  • Learn cold wax techniques such as, creating texture, image transfer techniques, mark-making, stenciling, reductive techniques.

  • Learn how to develop your own style.

  • Immerse yourself in a creative community while you explore the "puebla magica" that is San Miguel de Allende.

  • No experience necessary!

  • Immerse yourself in a creative community that will create lasting friendships

​​Taking inspiration from the colors and culture of Mexico and all that it offers to nourish your soul, we will spend a week in the heart of the country art journaling, drawing, painting and working on a mixed media project, in addition to making our own oil paint using natural pigments!

Come absorb the colors and landscape of friendly, welcoming, San Miquel de Allende for this special week long retreat. A beautiful opportunity to refresh and energize while letting your creative juices flow in unique ways. You deserve it! Along with a few exciting excursions, there will be ample time to wander, rest and get to know your fellow creatives.

Final Words A creative retreat is necessary to give you a fresh perspective, and for giving your creative side the inspirations it is longing for.

It gives you a chance to connect to yourself and other artists…

You may even come home learning something new about yourself.

It’s time to let go of your mind and let inspiration take over.

If you’re not convinced you need a Creative Retreat … look again. If you would like to talk to me about this upcoming Colors of Mexico Retreat, please reach out.


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