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Creative Retreats: Inspire Your Creativity and Nourish Your Inner Artist

You may ask, why do creatives and artists need a retreat?

If you're an artist, you probably spend a lot of time juggling various responsibilities, such as your family, your day job, your art business, the household, and finding time to create.

OR perhaps you're a dormant creative who's always wanted to get their creative juices flowing and make a meaningful shift in their life.

All your running, going, and doing can negatively impact your health, outlook, and creativity.

You may eventually reach a point where you are no longer as enthusiastic about your creative side as you once were. You may be having difficulty working on your current work of art, or you may have reached a creative stalemate.

Taking a break from your regular routine has proven to be highly beneficial in regaining your creative mojo.

The thought behind this creative retreat is simple; it’s a place where you can spend time in nature and create art and RENEW your soul.

What Is An Artist's Retreat?

Artist retreats allow artists to step away from their studios or daily lives to rekindle their creative spark.

This usually entails spending time in nature at a retreat center or resort.

Artist retreats are not only for visual artists, painters, writers, composers, musicians, dancers, and designers.

They are suitable for anyone seeking professional development or improving their creative work.

Most artists and creatives require a break from everyday life to give themselves time and space to connect with fellow artists or themselves.

Investing one, two, three, or even a week in creativity can make all the difference.

An artist retreat may include yoga, meditation, and breath work—anything to get those creative juices flowing and to create an environment conducive to deep focus.

If you're an artist, this could signify that it's time to take a break and retreat into your creative cocoon, away from outside influences.

I'm not creative. Is this for me?

Absolutely! Whether we realize it or not, we all have creativity in us We will help you explore what that looks like for you.

Whether you’re already an artist with wanderlust or just an artistic soul seeking respite from your nine-to-five, an art retreat is just what you need to shake things up and reconnect with your passion.

Each of us carries the seeds of mindfulness and creativity within us. When we improve our mindfulness, we increase our creativity.

5 Reasons Artists Need A Retreat

1. Taking Time to be Present

For an artist, presence is everything. True, when they create, they may draw from their experiences and memories, but the most beautiful art is created in the present moment. Making art is similar to meditating.

2. Solitude

Artists and creatives require solitude in order to advance their work. There are too many distractions around people vying for their attention, daily demands, and some even juggling multiple jobs. Silence allows artists uninterrupted time and space to breathe life into their work. (A retreat does not have to be in solitude; it could be an opportunity to exchange skills with other artists.)

3. Act of Love

A little more self-care and appreciation wouldn't hurt anyone, creative or not. An artist retreat could be the solution to all of our problems.

4. Ignite your Creative Spark

We've all been there. Creative block is a real thing... and feeling 'blocked' in general. You can see life from a different angle when you change your surroundings or routine. A retreat allows you to focus solely on yourself and your art... and allows your creative life to flow.

5. Connect with Nature

Have you ever heard the expression, "life imitates art far more than art imitates life?" This means that people create art based on real-life experiences, but it is subject to philosophical debate. Disconnecting from technology can be highly beneficial to the soul, mind, and body. Time spent in nature has improved artistic ability, creativity, intuition, and productivity. Most artists incorporate the beauty and inspiration they find in nature into their work.

Retreats ARE so Important

Retreats are vacations that include long walks with no one around for miles, a warm house small enough if you want company but large enough if you don't, and clever, committed, and kind.

Kindness is important because attending a creative retreat, regardless of its topic, is an act of bravery. You are brave not only for entering a room full of strangers to create and then reveal your creations but also for standing up and telling yourself that you are a creative person with the right to create and learn how to create better.

I recognize that this is a fantastic opportunity for my guests to silence all the voices in their lives that have told them they aren't creative, from the parent who told them that being a musician wouldn't earn them enough money to the art teacher who laughed at their paintings. As the saying goes, we are all creative beings in some way.

Creative retreats can help you connect with yourself and whatever is going on in your life at the time, as well as engage with your preferred art form.

Creativity encompasses imagination and inventiveness, and cultivating both can help you shape the life you want, whether you want to finish or begin a novel or painting, launch a new career, or simply unlock your creativity.

Retreats serve as a reminder not to throw anything away. This is the moment. DO NOT abandon your desires.

This is precisely why I began offering retreats. It is the next step in my creative instruction. A retreat is not the same as attending one of my workshops.

It's a week where we open ourselves to possibilities, adventure, and fun!




April 29- May 5

Join Missy Tripp Ronquillo for a magical retreat in enchanting Costa Rica at a cozy beach hideaway with only seven cottages surrounded by lush jungles, warm breezes, and steps away from the pristine beaches of the pacific ocean.

Giving yourself the space and time to be creative allows you to unleash your inner artist. We'll let Costa Rica's energy gently guide our creative pace.

Daily workshops to cultivate creativity and the opportunity to indulge in daily yoga (if desired).

Spend your free time relaxing on the uncrowded beaches soaking up the sun and napping in hammocks, surfing, boogie boarding, walking the beach, hiking, and discovering the wonders of this tropical paradise.

Come back to yourself and design a more creative lifestyle.

What to expect from this retreat:

Take time to slow down and connect deeply with yourself and other creatives.

Disconnect, take a week for deep self-care, and enjoy the "Pura Vida!"

While relaxing and fueling our imaginations, we will discuss and practice methods for gaining the confidence to express our individual creative potential fully.

Workshops feature a wide range of activities, from group discussions and interactive exercises to journaling prompts and creative projects, all designed to encourage participants to express themselves and develop their skills.

This is the time to really nourish your creative side. We will use techniques and exercises to assist you in gaining self-confidence in harnessing your creative talents and skills. Workshops include group discussions, interactive exercises, journaling prompts, creative projects, and more.


This is not just for artists. THIS RETREAT is for everyone—from working creatives to untapped creatives to anyone looking to make a meaningful shift in their lives.

  • Push past perfectionism

  • Kickstart your art or allow this week to fuel

  • Make a personal or professional breakthrough

  • Reinvent your relationship with your inner critic

  • Revive a long-dormant project or desire

  • Connect and find community with others who want to live creatively

  • Engage in self-care + self-discovery

  • Or any combination of the above!


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