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Artist in Paradise

My first blog post! When thinking about what to write I took a look up from my computer and looked out the window and realized "I am living my dream". I am sitting here in my studio and through the trees I can see the ocean. THE OCEAN. I am an artist living in paradise.

I hear people complain about their jobs, their life in general. I was one of those people, for much of my adult life I had jobs I did not like. I lived a life it was great in many ways but I was always complaining. I was unhappy in my professional life. I was always wanting more. Then something drastic happened. I lost my "real" job. I found myself unemployed, a few weeks later my husband lost his "real" job. I understand our circumstances are different then most in their mid-30's. We did not have children, we did not have a house payment. Essentially we had nothing but each other. And this is when our lives changed. This is when our perspective on everything changed. We were tired of trying to fit ourselves into a box of normal. We were not like other couples. We were not like our friends. Once we realized we did not have to be anyone else than who we were at that exact moment...our world opened up to endless possibilities. We packed up or belongings including our two beloved pups...Van Gogh and Savannah and hit the road.

And this my friends is where our adventure begins....

This is where Pescado Y Amor began...

This is when our life as a couple, as individuals truly began.

We gave up on trying to be the best for someone else to being the best for ourselves.

We spent months traveling to and around Mexico, we lived,played and ate up the culture.

We settled in Sayulita, Mexico.

I will leave you here to ponder your own life and happiness

I will pick back up in my story of living as an artist in paradise!

Life only comes around once, do what makes you happy.


Sayuita with our Pups...Van Gogh and Savannah

View from our bungalow

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