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I Paint Surf Boards Missy Tripp Ronquill

Painted Surfboards

Want a custom-painted Surfboard?

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Surfboards By Missy Tripp Ronquillo
Custom Painted Surfboards

Art of Surfing:

Includes Brand New Board. You choose the shape. This is Fine art On A surfboard. These boards may be displayed as Fine Art or used as a surfable surfboard.

$3500 - $20,000 (Depending on Size & Complexity of  Subject Matter)

Decorative Board:

Surfable Boards. Surfboard Supplied By Customer.

$150.00 - $15,000 (Depending on size &complexity of Design)

~$150: Small Board "Tattoo" Like a small wave

~$250: Slightly larger Than  "Tattoo" More Complex Design

~$500: Design covers a third of the board simple design

~$600:  Design Covers a third of the board, more complex design

~ $750: Half-board Simple Design

~$1000: Half Board Complex Design


$3000 - $15,000 (Depending on Size &Complexity of Design)

USED BOARDS $100 Fee For Prepping

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