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ABOUT This Painting:

Sacred Transcendence



on Wood Panel

Framed 1.5 inch Natural Wood Floater Frame



To inquire about collecting this piece, contact me HERE


"Sacred Transcendence" is an awakening, a potent fusion of consciousness and connectivity that sets forth an extraordinary shift in our awareness. This realm is not bound by the physical constructs of existence, transcending beyond the confinements of time and space. In this realm, time is not a linear construct, but a fluid essence, an illusion that we learn to navigate with grace and understanding. It's a realm that echoes the immortal words of Einstein: "The distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."


In "Sacred Transcendence", we experience an elevation of consciousness, a spiritual ascension that communicates in the language of the cosmos. Sound, light, movement, and color all unite, interweaving a symphony of joy. This isn't merely an auditory or visual spectacle; it's a profound, multi-dimensional experience that resonates within the deepest echelons of our being.


Sound, in this realm, is not merely an echo but a divine melody humming with the rhythm of existence. Light isn't just a visual stimulant, but a beacon of wisdom, illuminating our path. Movement isn't just a physical act, but a dance of energies, an elegant waltz between our inner selves and the cosmos. And color, it's not just a feast for our eyes, but a vibrant spectrum reflecting our emotions, our dreams, our essence.


Each element plays its unique part, merging together, they create a symphony, the Sound of Joy. It's a symphony that surpasses the boundaries of auditory perception, resonating within our souls, vibrating in alignment with our truest, most authentic selves. This symphony reverberates through the realm of "Sacred Transcendence", a resonant reminder of our potential to ascend, to grow, to evolve.


"Sacred Transcendence" is a celebration of this growth, this evolution. It's an invitation to shed the constraints of the physical world, to embrace our multidimensional existence, to dance with the cosmos. 


This is the journey towards embodying our highest selves, honoring our connection to the cosmos, to nature, to other species, and to each other. In this divine dance, we not only witness but also partake in the infinite magic of existence. 


This is the embodiment of "Sacred Transcendence" – the revelation and celebration of our divine cosmic journey.

Sacred Transcendence

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