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Canvas Wrapped Prints

• 8"x10" print with 1.5 wrapped Canvas $131.50

• 11"x14: print with1.5 wrapped Canvas $183.16

• 16"x20" print with 1.5 wrapped Canvas $225.90

• 18"x24" print with1.5 wrapped Canvas $271.80

• 36"x48" (Original Size)  print with1.5 wrapped Canvas $745.21



• Each Print is signed and numbered

• All prints and  prints are made to order.

All Prints are printed on Archival Canvas.  

• Prints usually ship in 15 - 30buisness days depending on your order size.

Rise Up & Unite Gallery Wrapped Fine Art Print Reproduction

  • Choose Your size canvas...

    8x10 & 11X14 Small Canvas

    16x20 X18x24 Medium Canvas

    36x48 Large Canvas

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