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ABOUT This Painting:

Lost & Found



1.5" Deep Cradle Wood Panel (Unframed, Frame can be added for an additional fee)




I have a secret to share with you - "Lost & Found" holds a special place in my heart as my favorite painting in this collection. It's not just the open and vulnerable theme that resonates with me, but also the captivating interplay of colors. The layers of translucent hues and the striking slash of red, seemingly enveloped in a comforting mist, all contribute to the depth of the piece.


You may have noticed the intricate carvings in the wax. These aren't merely aesthetic choices, but symbolic 'road maps', guiding us through the journey we've embarked upon together in this narrative.


In the rich tapestry of collective consciousness, "Lost & Found" intertwines the contrasting spirals of our conscious and subconscious beings, stirring up a profound awakening of the soul. At this critical crossroads, it's time to tap into the vast reservoir of power within us, cultivating our capacity to ascend in every aspect of life.


Such power has been an inherent attribute, nestling within us all along, empowering us to sculpt our own realities. Our sense of worth isn't dependent on external approval or achievements. We embody worthiness by the very virtue of our existence. This is an eternal truth, unchanged and unfaltering.

Lost And Found

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