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The Veil Collection Encaustic Paintings
The Veil Collection Encaustic Paintings
The Veil Collection Encaustic Paintings
The Veil, Poems and Thoughts

The choice to pair each painting from "The Veil" collection with a poem is a deeply personal and artistic one, aiming to create a multi-dimensional sensory experience for the viewer. Art and poetry, in essence, share a common thread; they both seek to communicate profound feelings, ideas, and experiences that are often difficult to express in everyday language.

The poems serve as a verbal canvas, enhancing the visual and emotional depth of each painting. They reveal subtler hues and dimensions within each artwork, and at the same time, each artwork provides a visual life to the words of the poems.

In this interconnected play of words and colors, the intention is to create a more immersive, intimate, and personal journey for you. The poems invite you to engage with the paintings at a deeper level, to interact with them, not just as observers but as participants in the exploration of the themes being presented.

Just as each painting in "The Veil" collection is an invitation to look beyond the obvious and delve into the intricacies of our shared existence, each accompanying poem is a guide, a whisper, a nudge, encouraging you to explore the layers, the emotions, and the stories that unfold in the dance of colors.

Ultimately, the hope is that these poems, alongside the paintings, create a harmonic duet that resonates with you, inspires introspection, and ignites a dialogue - a dialogue that transcends the boundaries of the canvas and the page, reaching into the very core of your being.

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