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ABOUT This Painting:

Visual Vibration



1.5" Deep Cradle Wood Panel

Unframed (Frame Can be added For an additional $)




"Visual Vibration" is an encaustic painting that embodies a journey of discovery and self-realization. Composed with an expertly synchronized array of colors, its vibrancy resonates as a visual manifestation of sound and movement. The painting engages the viewer in a dynamic, immersive experience that mirrors the complexities and wonders of human emotion.


At its core, "Visual Vibration" represents a rainbow connection – a metaphorical bridge linking our inner landscape to the broader universe. Its interweaving colors harmonize into a spectrum, signifying the unity of diverse aspects within ourselves: the grace, elegance, strength, joy, forgiveness, and harmony that lie often dormant, waiting to be discovered.


As you engage with "Visual Vibration," you're invited to navigate this spectrum, embrace the symphony of colors, and awaken to your own hidden facets. This painting encourages introspection, prompting viewers to perceive their authentic selves more clearly, and emboldens them to proudly exhibit their individuality in all its vibrancy.

Visual Vibration

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