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Infinite  Awakening



On 1.5 “ Wood Panel

Unframed (Frame can be purchased for an additional cost)



Infinite Awakening, it's a term that speaks to an ongoing journey of self-discovery, rather than a final destination. This concept represents a perpetual blossoming, a constant unfolding of the self that transcends time and space. In this state, there are no limitations, no boundaries, just the expansive field of pure consciousness where every new day brings a deeper understanding of the self and the universe around us.

Embracing Infinite Awakening means acknowledging the divinity within us and recognizing our role as co-creators of our reality. Every thought, every decision, every action ripples out into the universe, reflecting back to us our internal state. It's a state of complete trust in our journey, celebrating each moment of existence as a miraculous dance between our individuality and our collective oneness.

This journey, marked by profound gratitude and a deep sense of inner peace, is a testament to our inherent capacity for continual evolution, growth, and transformation. Infinite Awakening is not about reaching a particular destination; it's about continually journeying deeper into the heart of existence, enriching our lives with newfound wisdom and experiences along the way.


Infinite Awakening

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