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ABOUT This Painting:

Dissolving Duality

18"x 24" Encaustic 

1.5" Deep Cradle Wood Panel

Unframed( Frame Can be add For an additional $)




"Dissolving Duality" is an enchanting painting that invites viewers on a contemplative journey into the core of their own being. It serves as a visual exploration of the inner self, challenging the binary notions of identity, thus encouraging a fuller understanding of our multifaceted nature.


The painting, replete with symbolic elements, encourages the viewer to acknowledge and express their authentic selves. Each brushstroke is a testament to the bold and confident stride we must take towards our personal truths.


At the heart of the painting, a radiant path weaves its way through the canvas - a visual representation of the 'rainbow connection.' This vibrant trail symbolizes our connectedness to the universe, serving as an embodiment of the harmonious vibrations resonating within and around us.


"Dissolving Duality" is not merely a painting; it is a journey, a conversation, a gentle nudge towards the profound understanding that our identity is not merely black or white, but a spectrum of experiences, emotions, and capabilities. By acknowledging this, we can begin to dissolve the perceived dualities within us, step into our power, and journey towards a more authentic self.


Dissolving Duality

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