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ABOUT This Painting:

Big Time



1.5" Deep Cradle Wood Panel (Unframed, But Can be add For an additional $)




"Big Time" is an artistic expression of a tumultuous journey through our inner psyche and the collective consciousness, a powerful visual exploration of authenticity and connection. 


This painting captures the essence of chaos resulting from past trauma, a symbolic representation of how we grapple with our personal histories – either ignoring our past or striving to disentangle the knotted yarn of memories and experiences.


Yet, "Big Time" is not a depiction of despair. Instead, it's a journey through fear, transcending the turmoil and stepping into the realm of joy. It captures the moment when we stop fighting against our tangled past and start to dance with it, embracing the spectrum of joy in sound, light, movement, and color.


This painting transgresses the constraints of space and time, offering a spiritual experience beyond the confines of love. As you engage with "Big Time", may you feel a sense of lightness and tranquility, and with love, light, and abundant joy.

Big Time

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