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On 1.5 Wood Panel. 

Unframed ( Frame can be added at an additional price)



"Awakening" is a painting that captures the moment of stepping into the full bloom of self-actualization. It embodies the power of abundant faith and the profound joy of waking up each day with a heart full of gratitude. The painting reflects the life you have created for yourself, a life steeped in contentment, blessed with everything you have ever dreamed of and more.

As you observe the painting, you can see an array of opportunities unfurling at every turn, symbolizing the endless possibilities that lay before you. Every stroke on the canvas reassures you that everything you need is being supplied right now, that you are in command, and you are the master artist of your own reality.

A key element is hidden within this painting. The Angel sign "000", an emblem of infinity and transformation. In the divine language of the universe, this symbol is often associated with the commencement of a new chapter in your life's journey. This powerful symbol anchors the painting, serving as a gentle reminder that you are never alone on this journey, the universe and its angels are here, supporting you, guiding you, cheering for you at every step.

In essence, "Awakening" is not just a painting, it's an affirmation of your divine power to shape your own destiny, a testament to your magnificent journey of transformation, and a celebration of your infinite potential.



  • After receiving your shipping details, we will get in touch with you to either adjust the remaining amount or refund any excess paid by you.

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