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On 1.5 Wood Panel. 

Unframed ( Frame can be added at an additional price)



"Alignment" is a deeply introspective piece that embodies the transformative power of forgiveness. Rooted in the understanding that every individual deserves liberation from past burdens and the freedom to fully express their authentic selves, the painting invites you into a journey of personal and spiritual evolution.


The painting encapsulates the complex process of forgiveness. It urges you to trust that every situation, however challenging, unfolds in your favor and contributes to your growth. In forgiving, you're not just letting go of past grievances, but also making space for peace, alignment, and a richer understanding of your place in the cosmos.


The imagery in "Alignment" mirrors the act of lifting the veil that often clouds our true selves. It celebrates the unique essence of humanity and our intricate relationship with the world around us, making us pause, reflect, and appreciate the grandeur of existence.


Employing sound, light, movement, and a vibrant spectrum of joyous colors, the painting is more than a visual experience – it's an emotional voyage transcending space and time. It touches upon the ethereal aspects of love, going beyond the conventional understanding to present a spiritual encounter that deeply resonates with the soul.

"Alignment" is not just an exploration of forgiveness and freedom, it's a celebration of authenticity, an invitation to connect with the core of your being and the universe at large. With every glance, it seeks to remind you of the inherent joy in being yourself and the beautiful interconnectedness that binds us all.


In the quiet corners of our hearts, there lies a veil, soft and shimmering, obscuring our truth from the world, and sometimes, from ourselves. It whispers of past grievances, of pains held too tightly, too long.

Yet, nestled in the hush of forgiveness, a transformative power blooms, a gentle unwinding of past burdens and bindings. A declaration that we, too, deserve the freedom to dance in the light of our authentic selves. A trust unfurls, a silent understanding that all is unfolding in our favor, each situation a stepping stone to greater alignment.



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