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Finding Hope Surf Art

Colorful, Tropical, Surf Vibes


I'm Missy,


Abstract/ Mixed Media paintings that explore how we connect to our planet and each other.

Everything we feel, perceive, or experience eventually translates into images in our minds.

If I can bring those images to life on canvas, people will see what they usually don't see.

I am honored to have you here and to be able to share my work with you.


Surf Artist Missy Tripp Ronquillo
The 42 Vibes Collection
Missy Tripp Ronquillo Art

Encaustic Paintings

with subtle shifts in visual and realized texture interacting with marks formed deep

within the layers

42 Vibes Collection
42 Vibes Encaustic painting
Rise Up and Unite. Dance with The Butterflies. Surf Artist Missy Tripp Ronquillo

Dive into a world where abstract art meets the vibrant pulse of the ocean.

Missy Tripp Ronquillo's paintings are a mesmerizing blend of colors and forms that encapsulate the soulful rhythm of

surf vibes.

Each piece, drenched in stunning hues and abstract designs, seems to ride its own wave, capturing the essence of a serene coastline or a sunlit surf.

 A Few of My Offerings

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