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ART CLUB : Creative Life Community 

Art Club Creative Life Community



THE ART CLUB: Creative Life Community 


This membership is designed for anyone who wants to have camaraderie with other artist explore technique, have fun with art &

Creative exploration.

 Each month you will receive access to a new video that explores ideas and creative ways to let your ideas and your intuition guide you in making art.


These lessons are here to help you on your artistic journey. 


What's Included?

*Year Long membership to the Creative Life

*Access to Monthly Videos 

*Each month we will dive deep into one famous Artist For a small Art History Lesson.

*Monthly “How-TO Videos” each month I will be demonstrating supplies, teaching techniques 

 that allow you to find your own style.

(4 x a year Lessons will correspond with Your Project in Your ART CLUB BOX if you choose to do both)

*A Private online Community to interact with 

 fellow artists. A safe place to share your thoughts and ideas.

*Monthly Art Challenge

*Live Monthly Zoom Meetings Where I will be available to answer any questions regarding life and art.

(All Lessons and meetings will be online NOT in Person..all except 

This membership is designed for anyone who wants to explore & have fun with art 

and art history. 


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